Our firm was founded with the goal of building successful websites that produce excellent return on investment for our clients. At Pelican Labs, we do not believe in technology for technology's sake. After all, what good is a flashy design if it doesn't work on half of your customer's computers? We build websites with the client's goals in mind, to connect you to your customers and ultimately generate revenue for your company.

Pelican Labs was founded in 2004 by Kent Wang, a web developer that has built and managed websites for such institutions as the University of Texas, IBM and the IC2 Institute. Mr. Wang first began building websites for the University of Texas at age twelve and before he turned eighteen had completed professional certifications from Microsoft, Sun and Cisco. With nearly a decade of experience under his belt he knows what it takes to build a successful web presence. Mr. Wang currently manages Pelican Labs with the help of a diverse team of artists, developers, IT professionals and writers in order to provide clients with a complete range of web development services

As we believe each client is unique with unique goals and priorities we prefer to tailor each project to your organizations needs. Please contact us for a free consultation.
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